gsr write in 1

The Spooky Stories Write-In was a Greenspring Review (GSR) sponsored event. By the way, submit your creative work (includes unedited stories, poetry, music, spoken word videos, media, artwork, reviews, etc.) to GSR by Monday, November 4! 

Only a few students frequented the School of Business Library that Thursday evening. The Spooky Stories Write-In reserved two tables in the back outside the study rooms. One table was filled with English students and the GSR editing staff including the editor-in-chief Jordan Mitchell (whom I interviewed, so please check out that blogpost to meet her). There were also two boxes of assorted Dunkin Munchkins, and of course in the spirit of Fall, there were pumpkin spice doughnut holes as well.

Students exchanged suggestions and guidance for each other’s spooky stories.

Sophomore English major Megan also took the time to gain insight and wisdom from the English upperclassmen. Here's some of the things they said: 

· “Find out who you work well with [in groups],” Senior English major Morgan LaMonica recommended.

· Talk to your professors

· Continue to talk to upperclassmen English majors

· Get involved

At the end,  Morgan triumphantly announced, “We’ve been productive.” That we were.