On Wednesday February 1, 2017, Baltimore’s very own National Poetry Slam Champions put on an exciting show for students, faculty, and even guests at Stevenson University.

The event took place in Rockland’s banquet hall, where everyone in attendance had the opportunity to open their mind and hearts about the issues going on in modern day society. Beginning to end, students and faculty had the chance to recite their own works of art. Through rapping, singing, and poetry, each piece of work brought its own flare to the Rockland stage.

“Lady Brion,” the host of the event, ensured that everyone was comfortable with their art. While hosting, she taught the audience proper etiquette regarding responses to others works of art. She made a safe and comfortable environment for everyone while appealing to all audiences present. Lady Brion brought life to the stage, and set the tone for the group’s poems. “Black Chakra,” Kenneth Morrison, Slangston Hughes, and Diondre “Grim” Jackson captured the hearts of everyone in the audience. Poems about serious subjects like addiction, the LGBTQ+ community, and Black Lives Matter exposed the underlying issues within our society.