“I just want to go home from work everyday and know I made a difference!” stated a Stevenson University junior in a teaching methods class.

This topic comes up a lot in our classes. After all, we are learning about children and teaching and naturally we need to discuss why we want to become teachers. SU education majors report many reasons for wanting to become teachers, but at the top of the lists is making a difference in children’s lives.

While these future educators know that they won’t be earning the salaries of their counterparts, they do know that even as beginning teachers they will have the same responsibility of motivating and engaging students as experienced teachers.

However, they are not daunted by the responsibility and cannot wait to experience the energy of their students and believe the opportunity to empower their future students to learn to read and do mathematics and believe in themselves as learners is paramount. They recall their favorite teachers and remember that these teachers truly believed in them.

Our rising sophomores share why they want to become teachers. They will be starting their year-long field placements in just a few short weeks. We can’t wait for them to begin!

“I want to be a teacher because I want to be able to help mold and shape our future. I truly believe that children are our future and it is important that we provide them with the right information and tools to lead their lives in a positive way.” Lacey Esposito

“I want to be able to help children grow and blossom while on their educational journey. I also want to become a teacher because I know how important my teachers where for me. I know they played a very important role in my life, and encouraged me to reach my full potential.” Jeniffer Raymundo

“I want to become a teacher because my own elementary teachers had a huge impact on my life and I wanted to do the same for other kids. I love helping kids learn new things and gain confidence.” Taylor Rigby

“I want to become a teacher because how we impact the children we teach now determines the outcome of all of our future and being able to be a part of history in a minuscule way is a very big deal.” Gabe Stewardson

“I like seeing children being able to grasp subjects and understand what I am teaching them. I also just like being able to help children out, help them get into their next stage of life.” Kathryn Thompson

“I want to become a teacher because being with children and watching them learn and succeed is my passion.” Claudia Lohr

Why do you want to become a teacher or why did you become a teacher? Email bkobett@stevenson.edu to share your thoughts!