The Undergraduate Education Department held its first annual “Welcome to the Teaching Profession” pinning ceremony on May 2. The event was also an opportunity for the class of ’22 to celebrate Dr. Clotile Galbraith’s retirement.

The evening began with a showcase of student posters that highlighted innovative practices seniors implemented during their internships.

Dr. Christine Moran, Dean of Education and Vice Provost, welcomed the attendees and spoke of her own experiences as a beginning teacher. Dr. Beth Kobett, Chair of the Department, presided over the festivities.

Featured speaker, Shae Rounds ‘18, motivated all to understand the “why” of our teaching and inspired us to advocate for our students and ourselves.

The pinning ceremony followed. Each graduate was “pinned” by a special person of their choice. Then the group was officially welcomed into the profession! Gifts were handed out with a personalized commemorative clipboard to bring into their first classrooms in the fall. The gradates recited the “Teacher’s Creed” dedicating themselves to the profession. Mentors and professors gave brief remarks, including honored guests retired Dean of Education Deborah Kraft and retired Professor Ted Fischer.

Beth Gleitsmann ‘12 and McKenzy Fields ‘22 offered touching and heartfelt tributes to Dr. Galbraith, revealing the power and importance of teaching, mentorship, and teacher-student relationships. Dr. Galbraith thanked everyone assembled, stated her own “whys” for teaching, then asked the crowd to also ask, “Why not?”

A surprise activity was the bestowing of “Senior Superlatives” by Gretchen Blackiston, Rowan Gilbert, Shannen O’Connell, and Paige Sullivan. Each senior received a paper plate “plaque” with their name and superlative, such as Most Likely to … Adopt a Student, Be the Principal’s Pet, Take the Most Sick Days, Fall Asleep during Planning Period, and Trip at Graduation.

The event ended with students and their guests having their photos taken in front of the Mustang Boards in Stevenson photo frames.

The Education Department wishes to thank faculty members Mrs. Danielle Newill, Ms. Lauren Speiser, and Dr, Bob Pelton, and students Wiktoria Bilich, Casey Knopp, Jamie Fritz, Eva Furman, Toby Kessler’23, and Kylah Hardy ‘24 for spending many hours preparing and setting up, welcoming the guests, taking photos, and making sure the entire event was a success. A special thank you to the family of Amaya Barboza ’22 for furnishing the festive green and white balloons.