Dr. Beth Kobett, interns Swear Ahmed and Bryan Gieselman, and junior Ashley Stept attended the Maryland Council for Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) conference at Northeast High School in Pasadena, MD, on October 22.  

The conference theme, “Bringing Learning into Focus,” featured active sessions that highlighted innovative mathematics teaching strategies. Dr. Kobett presented, “Six Sensational Steps to Develop a Positive, Productive, and Perseverant Mathematics Learning Community” in a featured Hot Topics session.

Beth Kobett, Ashley Stept, Bryan Gieselman, and Swear Ahmed

In addition, two School of Education alumni, Samantha Simpson (‘15) and Alix Weyforth (‘13), Howard County middle school mathematics teachers, presented in separate sessions. Samantha presented “Fostering Proof of GeoGebra” with colleague Lindsay Kelley.

Samantha Simpson (‘15) and Lindsay Kelley

Alix Weyforth presented “Let’s Grow Some Math Brains” with colleague Melissa Wagoner.

Alix Weyforth ('13)