The School of Education hosted a Social on Friday, September 15 at 2:00 in the Claire Moore Room of the Garrison Student Union. Nearly 30 students and eight faculty attended for the fun and activities. Each Education student and faculty member received a free 2023-24 Education t-shirt. Students created crafts, played games, and enjoyed snacks.

The highlight of the event was the second annual cake walk, instituted by the Dean of Education, Dr. Beth Kobett. Each faculty member provided a home-baked or store-bought gourmet cake (or two!) to win as prizes. Dr. Bob Pelton served as DJ as students walked from one numbered footprint to the next in time to the music. When the music suddenly stopped, a random number was selected and whoever was standing on that number won the cake of their choosing. Some students began to partake of their cakes right away while others left them intact to share with friends and roommates.

A genuine sense of community pervaded the room on a sunny Friday afternoon to end the third week of the semester and to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year.