On September 28, thirteen adjunct faculty members in the School of Education participated in a workshop planned and facilitated by full-time faculty.  

This second in a series of monthly workshops focused on observing lessons in the field and providing feedback. Mentors shared their own experiences receiving positive, “Growth Mindset” feedback and connected those pivotal moments in their careers to developing relationships with candidates in field placements.

The workshop also centered on creating a Formative Feedback Cycle involving teacher candidates, school mentors, and university mentors throughout the pre-conferencing, observing, and post-conferencing process. Kathy Milligan, SU faculty member and mentor, commented that “among the many positives, this professional development helped those in attendance strive toward the same goals.”

Pictured (left to right): Dr. Clotile Galbraith, Betty McNally, Kathy Milligan, Linda Silverman, Janice Hill, Kathy Bradham, Leslie Sandler, Kelly Heil, Mindy Rosen, Lisa Carswell, Jill Suffel, Susan Garfinkel, Cindy Hazman, Brad Herling, Dr. Bob Pelton, Dr. David Nicholson, Barbara Lutz, Dr. Beth Kobett (not pictured: Dr. Debby Kraft)