After two snow storms and numerous days off from school, Stevenson University interns were finally able to celebrate the 100th day of school with the students and staff at Perry Hall Elementary School. As part of their service learning initiative project, Hannah Currens, Jordyn Hoffman, Kelsey Shirey, and Milvelis Vargas planned various engaging activities for students in Grades 1-5. In order for the celebration to serve an academic purpose, each activity aligned with a specific learning skill or content standard according to the grade level. The students were provided opportunities to think creatively and work collaboratively in small groups.

(left to right): Hannah Currens, Milvelis Vargas, Jordyn Hoffman, Kelsey Shirey

The day started off by putting third graders in a sticky situation. Students worked together in small groups to build the tallest standing tower using 100 toothpicks and 100 marshmallows. The students designed a variety of structures and were able to practice team-building as well as STEM skills.

In the next activity, fourth and fifth graders were challenged to construct the tallest and most creative structure using 100 Dixie® cups. As students eagerly worked together, they were able to practice not only team-building and STEM skills but were able to learn perseverance. The structures fell down or were knocked over numerous times, but the students kept rebuilding and never gave up. A few of the groups tied for the tallest structure and other groups were recognized for building the most unique structure.

The day ended with a sweet activity for first and second graders. These little bakers created their own ice cream cone by using 100 different colored sprinkles. After creating their perfect ice cream cone, students used math counting skills to write a recipe for their ice cream cone. They had to count and record how many blue, purple, red, green, and orange sprinkles were used to make their delicious dessert.

Along with these main activities for each grade level, students engaged in a 100-word game, creative writing activities, a $1.00 money challenge, and an exciting 100th day of school read- alouds. Working with a tight budget, bags of materials, numerous hours of planning, great team work, and persistence, interns celebrated a successful 100th day of school with their excited students. (-Submitted by Kelsey Shirey)