Six undergraduate School of Education students have been named Maryland Teachers of Promise for 2022. As part of this honor, Amaya Barboza, Gretchen Blackiston, Lauren Cummins, Kayla Develin, Grace Hollin, and Kalyn Hopkins were invited to participate in the Maryland State Department of Education Teachers of Promise Institute on Thursday, April 22.

After attending the institute, Kalyn Hopkins remarked, “One saying that stood out to me was from Brianna Ross, Teacher of the Year 2022, who said to hold on to your why and to never forget your why.”

Kayla Develin added, “One takeaway from the event was the importance of networking! Joining a discussion group or professional learning community to connect with other teachers who are going through the same things you are. Finding your person or your people who can support you on your teaching journey.”

“At the end of a session one of the speakers left us with this quote, Be a thermostat not a thermometer,” recalled Gretchen Blackiston. “In other words, we as teachers can change the temperature or climate that our students are in through reflection of ourselves and continuous support. We can develop change one student at a time when we act as thermostats.”

Congratulations, 2022 Maryland Teachers of Promise!