Three seniors representing the School of Education Norms Task Force – Dani Jones, Ellie Boswell, and Kiana Johnson – presented a poster at the Paul D. Lack Scholars Showcase on April 28. Numerous visitors viewed the poster, listened to our presenters, and asked probing questions.

The Norms Task Force was comprised of undergraduate Education students representing each year and major in the program. The Task Force began by creating a norms statement, developing three SOE Ideals (“The 3Cs of the SOE”), and brainstorming a list of possible norms for each Ideal. A bulletin board was created that displayed this information on the third floor of MAC, with a QR code that directed readers to a form to provide feedback. The Task Force used this input to edit and revise the list of norms, which they presented to the faculty to finalize the list.  The next step will be to align the student-developed norms with Professional Teaching Dispositions in preparation for the SOE reaccreditation process.

Norms Statement: As future teachers, we are committed to creating a collaborative community by agreeing to take action that inspires everyone to build trusting, supportive relationships and hold one another accountable to the mission and ideals of the SOE.

IDEALS (“3 Cs of the SOE”): Compassion, Communication, Courage