Education Seniors launched their fall 2023 internships with a professional learning workshop on Friday, August 25. In the hallway, an enormous butterfly banner announced this year’s theme, “Transformation.” As they entered the room, interns were treated to a “make your own trail mix” bar and a goody bag of essential items for their classrooms. Dean of the School of Education, Dr. Beth Kobett, welcomed the interns, University mentors, and faculty to the beginning of an exciting year of changes and growth. On the table in front of each intern was a mini-chalkboard on an easel where they wrote and shared with the group a quote or saying that will inspire them for the year.

Sessions included an introduction by Dr. Bob Pelton and Dr. Valerie Valdez to PPAT, the performance-based assessment interns will complete that will document each step in the process of instructional design, implementation, assessment, and reflection. Dr. David Nicholson and Dr. Jesse Schneiderman facilitated an activity to explore social justice standards as they apply to situations that may occur in the classroom, followed by completing a survey on professional dispositions.

The featured speakers for the event were Sally Edmundson ’18 and David Marrero ’20, SOE alumni and experienced teachers who presented on ways to create a positive classroom environment. Danielle Newill, Coordinator of Field Placements and Partnerships, conducted a session on professionalism, the role of the intern as a professional in the school and classroom, and finding their purpose as developing professionals. The day ended with interns meeting with their University mentors by the school where they are assigned: Joe Carr (East Middle), Lisa Carswell (Cedarmere Elementary), Brad Herling (Mays Chapel), Kirsten FoorHogue (Sparks), Nancy Friedman (Carrolltowne Elementary), Dr. Bob Pelton (Sudbrook Magnet Middle), Mindy Rosen (Garrison Forest Lower School), MaryJane Salaga (Carroll Community Preschool, Mechanicsville Elementary, Ridgeway Elementary), Dr. Jesse Schneiderman (Chatsworth School, Randallstown), Khadeeja Shafi (New Town Elementary).

The atmosphere in the room was charged with energy and anticipation, as interns looked forward to entering their classrooms and meeting their School mentors and students for the coming academic year.