Senior Elementary Education major Grace Chaffee ’22, a Stevenson University Honors Service Scholar, presented her Honors project at the Paul D. Lack Scholars’ Showcase on February 25.

Honors projects take an interdisciplinary approach to a problem or issue, demonstrating critical thinking to create a solution or product. Projects are completed in addition to the student’s regular course schedule, requiring a minimum of 20 hours outside of class time. Grace collaborated with members of the School of Design to develop the game, “Discover your Philosophy of Education.” The game was designed to help education students discover their own philosophy of education while comparing and contrasting different perspectives.

Grace researched several philosophies of education to identify their key concepts and principles and how they are implemented in the classroom. The game asks a series of questions that has players select responses that most closely align with their beliefs and practices. Seniors in PHIL 420: Philosophy of Education played the game and offered feedback and suggestions, which Grace and her design peers have incorporated into subsequent revised versions. The latest iteration will be played again by seniors in their internship seminar course.