School of Education majors helped conduct activities at the “Mathstravaganza” hosted by the Mathematics Department as part of the 2018 Maryland STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Festival held at Stevenson University on November 9.

Students presented interactive math exhibits and games for all ages. George Durmowicz and Amaya Barboza presented “Chaos Game Fractal Generator,” Natalie Marrato presented “A Prisoner’s Dilemma,” and Brianni Walker and Geneva Pittman presented “Buffon’s Pixy Stix.”




School of Education alumna Katie Madigan (’17) accompanied three teachers and 21 seventh grade students from The Odyssey School to participate.


“The STEM event was really interesting,” commented Julia, a seventh grade student at the Odyssey School. “It was cool to see all of the science activities.” Classmate Hutch agreed, “It was really fun. It was really inspiring to see how math is used in the real world.”

“I liked how they found a way to make math fun and interactive!” Julian remarked. “My favorite part about the field trip was the chemistry show,” stated Liam. “I saw that science can actually be really cool!”