On April 22, 2016, School of Education students teamed up with Accounting students and Operation Hope at Winfield Elementary School to teach children how to be smart spenders through the program, Banking on our Future (BOOF).  

Operation Hope is a non-profit organization that trains volunteers to go into lower socioeconomic schools and teach elementary age students basic elements of financial literacy. Stevenson students were divided up between eight classrooms, where they instructed third and fourth grade students in money management topics such as the difference between wants and needs, how to write a check, what savings accounts, checking accounts and credit cards are, and what stock investing is. This was the fifth year Stevenson University teamed with Operation Hope and we look forward to many more collaborations.

Holly Casadevall, Kathryn Thompson, LaShae Felder, Iyana Hunter, Elli Bender, Tatiana Herrera, Diamond Davis, Lacey Esposito