An article from the May 18, 2016, edition of the Baltimore Sun features School of Education Alumna, Lauren Speiser (Class of 2015), discussing her experiences as a first-year teacher in Kindergarten at Hammond Elementary School.  

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Lauren Speiser (Class of 2015)

“I owe the faculty of the School of Education a huge thanks for believing in me and pushing me to be the best teacher I can be,” Lauren said. “I went into my first year not wanting just to survive, but wanting to show what a Stevenson alumnus can really do. I couldn’t have succeeded this year without the tools provided me throughout my years at Stevenson.”

Lauren also credits the Beginning Teachers Community, established and led by Assistant Professor Beth Kobett, with helping provide support. First-year teachers regularly met with more experienced teachers (all School of Education alumni) in person and in a virtual online community to exchange ideas, develop strategies, and offer guidance.

“The Beginning Teachers Community provided us the opportunity to share our teaching experiences without the fear of judgment,” Lauren explained. “It focused our discussions on the positive experiences that happened in our classroom. I know thinking positive has helped me through countless situations as a first-year teacher.”