Yesterday, Monday, July 1 was my first day where I met with my capstone mentor, Dr. Mandal, and a post-doctoral research fellow, Chris, of the department of otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins. I communicated with both of them via email periodically since April, so I already knew the basis of my research project. Yesterday we got acclimated and discussed how it would be executed.

This summer, Biochemistry senior, Katie Powell is very excited to be involved in a research experience at Johns Hopkins Medical School in the Department of Otolaryngology. She is doing clinical database research on three mini-projects under the topic of head and neck cancer due to HPV. The projects are comparing survival rates of patients with metastatic oropharyngeal cancer due to HPV and without HPV infection, comparing survival of patients with HPV by socioeconomic status and insurance status, and comparing differences in immune infiltration between men and women with similar cancers. Katie is really excited about this research experience because it incorporates her interests in women’s health and public health!