Maryam demonstrates the hand bike

Maryam Al Naseri interned at MedStar Physical Therapy, where she worked with licensed physical therapists, clinical assistants, orthopedic surgeons, and administration staff. Her duties consisted of guiding patients through different excersizes, and maintaining the cleanliness and order of the clinic. Maryam was surprised to learn that there are different exercise programs and procedures for different patients who have had the same surgery or injury, and that the care is really individualized. She has improved her ability to multitask, while working with multiple patients simultaneously. She has learned what an orthopedic surgeon does and what post-surgery procedures follow an injury. She has really mastered her human anatomy as well, which “will help tremendously in medical school”. Maryam’s dream is to become a doctor, although she is still unsure of specialty, she is leaning towards sports medicine or orthopedics.