Did you know you can direct a donation to your favorite Stevenson school or even department?

Marisa Bender (BS chemistry ’10, MS forensic science ’11) chooses to donate to the Chemistry Department’s Instrument Fund. When asked why she donates, Marisa said: “When I discovered that I could donate specifically to Stevenson’s SOS, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to give back to the department that taught me so much. I truly wanted to give to the Chemistry Department because of the wonderful faculty who work tirelessly to provide the necessary education, equipment, and skills needed for students to succeed in their future careers.

There are several designated funds that could use your help. If you choose to designate a gift, you may give it in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, and it cannot be used for anything else. When giving online, select the “other” designation and type in any specific department or cause you wish. Thank you, for giving back to Stevenson!