Since receiving a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Stevenson in 2016, Peter Hoblitzell (shown here on a recent trip to Yosemite), has gone on to join the Baltimore-based Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning firm, Mahan Rykiel Associates Inc.  The firm counts Mercy Medical Center’s new roof gardens and the Four Seasons Baltimore outdoor spaces among their recent projects. As an Environmental Specialist, Peter will conduct field visits to project sites, do tree and plant identification, habitat assessment, and collect and analyze GPS data.

Peter's advice to graduating Environmental Science majors? “I would tell current students to try to acquire as many different skills as they can: inside the classroom and out. In addition to making yourself more marketable to employers, you'll also learn important lessons about yourself.” He also recommends that in a broad field like environmental science, graduates will be more attractive to their future employer if they can communicate their passion for environmental science and their desire to continue to learn. Of course, like any field, networking is also extremely important. Talking to peers and colleagues, as well as potential employers, will get your name out and begin to establish a professional reputation.