SU Service Scholars and students in Dr. Kim Pause Tucker’s Conservation Biology course worked together to create a native garden at Irvine Nature Center’s Robert L. Mardiney Aviary building, which houses their avian Animal Ambassadors. Irvine Nature Center is a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage the public to explore our environment and provides nature education. The goal of the project was to create a beautiful garden and teaching space, as well as to prevent any erosion. The group responsible for this project consisted of Adara Griggs, Kristen Gossage, Maddie Fox, and Heather Bowie. Jenna Krebs, Irvine’s Animal Care Manager, and Diana Roman, Irvine’s Manager of Public Programs, led the students. Their professor, Dr. Tucker, reported “The student group working on this important project really pulled together to get the plants in the ground on a tight timeline due to the many uncertainties of this fall semester. It took a lot of communication in a virtual space to be able to complete something concrete, and I think students learned some valuable skills in this process”. The plants chosen were deer resistant and many of them will attract pollinators like butterflies and bumble bees. We are all very excited to see the garden in full bloom this spring!