Ravi 2019

Breaks are a great time to gain practical experience to add to your resume.  During the winter break, biology major Pooja Ravi had the opportunity to intern and observe within the Operating Theater of Velammal Hospital in southern India.   Her internship in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Neurosurgery and Endocrine/Breast Surgery gave her the chance to observe surgeries, learn common therapeutic techniques, and well as administration of some common anesthetics.  During her time at Velammal Hospital, Ravi met several surgeons including Dr. Vijaykumar (above, right).  She also worked closely with the directors of Anesthesiology and Cardiac Surgery and witnessed various surgeries such as bypass grafts, mitral valve replacements, aortic valve replacements, correction of atrial septal defects, endovascular repair, spina bifida correction, hematoma removal from the frontal lobe, cranioplasty, and a thyroidectomy. Her mentors showed her  how to use devices such as the octopus (a means of conducting surgery on a beating heart), how to intubate a patient, how to provide a local anesthetic, various anesthetic drugs such as Heparin, a blood thinner, and the heart pump machine. Have you started thinking about what you will do over summer break?