PR intern 2019

After her experience this summer as an intern at the FDA, Biology major Pooja Ravi (front) decided to continue her internship this year.  Pooja is working in Dr. Gabriel Parra’s (back row, left) lab, with Dr. Joseph Kendra (back row, second from right) on an experiment that incorporated a reverse genetics system of Rotavirus and the understanding of the static and evolving genotypes of Norovirus. As an intern, she learned Virus -Like Particle (VLP) purification, Saliva and Blotting Assays, Splitting and trypsinization of cell cultures, counting infection rates of insect and mammalian cells, Bacmid Growth and Development, PCR and Western Blot, Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), DNA/RNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, enteroid monolayer development, along with other protocols. The goal of the project was to identify whether the genotypic variants of Norovirus to facilitate vaccine development. We hope to be able to develop effective vaccination methods against these viruses in the future.