Congratulations to Dr. Tucker for receiving the Faculty Development Scholarship Grant from Stevenson. Her project is titled “Incorporating Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) into an Introductory Ecology Course” and its purpose is to introduce students to ELNs and collect data to assess the effectiveness of incorporating technology into an introductory field-based ecology laboratory course (BIO115L). Dr. Tucker proposes to enhance the course by incorporating a collaborative ELN that is stored online via the cloud and accessible through a variety of interfaces (PC, tablet, smartphone). Specifically, student groups will use a tablet to record experimental methodology and observations in the field. At the end of each project, each student will analyze and document the group’s data independently, as previously determined to meet the course objectives. Using the ELN will help students to more efficiently collect and share data among their groups. Incorporating ELNs in introductory courses will help to get students prepared to use ELNs in practice for their research and in upper-division undergraduate courses. Good luck this semester!