Sithy Maharoof Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Mathematics & Physics | Fine School of the Sciences


  • Ph.D., Physics (Condensed Matter), Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
  • B.S., Physics Hon., University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Professional Experience

  • Texas A&M University, College Park, Texas
    Research Associate
  • Manor College, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
    Adjunct Faculty
    2008 – 2013
  • Carroll Community College, Westminster, Maryland
    Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator
  • Carroll Community College, Westminster, Maryland
    Associate Professor and Program Director
  • Stevenson University, Owings Mills, Maryland
    Assistant Professor
    2023 – Present


My graduate research focused on fabrication of thin crystalline films using Molecular Beam Epitaxy method and investigation of magnetic domain structure and magnetic and structural properties of crystalline thin films using x-ray diffraction (XRD) and Atomic and Magnetic Force Microscopy (AFM, MFM).


  • S. Maharoof, Praxis Exam Prep: Physics Content Knowledge, Create Space Amazon, 2017.
  • B.D. Demczyk, V. M. Naik, S. Hameed, and R. Naik. “Comparison of strain relaxation in epitaxial Si0.3Ge0.7 films grown on Si(001) and Ge(001),” Material Science and Engineering B 94, 196 (2002).
  • R. Naik, S. Hameed, P. Talagala, L. E. Wenger, and V. M. Naik. “Comparative study of stripe magnetic domains in epitaxial Ni(111) and Co(0001) films”, J. Appl. Phys. 91, 7550 (2002).
  • S. Hameed, P. Talagala, R. Naik, V.M. Naik and L.E. Wenger. “A study of disordered stripe magnetic domains observed in epitaxial Ni films”, J. of Mag. and Mag. Mat. 242-245 (P2), 1264 (2002).
  • S. Hameed, P. Talagala, R. Naik, L. E. Wenger, V. M. Naik, and R. Proksch. “Analysis of disordered stripe magnetic domains in strained epitaxial Ni(001) films,” Phys. Rev. B 64, 184406 (2001).


  • PHYS-210 General Physics 1
  • PHYS-211 General Physics 2
  • PHYS-216 General Physics 2 with Calculus

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