On Friday, the students of the Summer Science Scholar Research Program (S3RP) at Stevenson University attended a tour at the Montebello Water Filtration Plant in Baltimore, MD (picture above). It was very interesting to learn about the chemical treatment processes that our water undergoes before we are able to use it. We first stopped at an old wooden pipe and learned about the beginnings and history of the Baltimore water system. After this we were able to see flocculation and sedimentation of the water which removes the impurities. This was very interesting; you could see how much clearer the water got in this process. From here we were able to see some of the filtration process where the water passes through sand. We really enjoyed being able to walk through and see the purification process up close!

After the tour, students returned to SU for a picnic and some games. Shown below are Applied Math Majors, Billy Heidel (left, back) and Evan Williams (right) playing croquet with Asia Robison, a biology participant in S3RP.