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Kerry Spencer: Fine School of the Sciences Faculty

Kerry Spencer , Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer
Mathematics & Physics | Fine School of the Sciences
Kerry Spencer
(443) 394-9774
Office Hours
  • MW: 10:00a-11:00a
  • TTh: 11:00a-11:45a
Office Location
  • Kevin J. Manning Academic Center
  • Room S 120
  • Owings Mills North Campus
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  • BA with University Honors: English, Chemistry, Music, Brigham Young University, 2000
  • MA: Early British Literature, Brigham Young University, 2003
  • PhD: Critical and Creative Writing, University of Wales, Bangor, 2011

Professional Experience

  • Stevenson University: 2015-present
  • BYU English Department: 2011-2014
  • BYU Honors Department: 2002-2011
  • Utah College of Dental Hygiene: 2005
  • BYU Continuing Education: 2001-2004
  • BYU Study Abroad: 2003
  • Graduate Student Instructor, Brigham Young University: 2000-2002


The marketing and sales of Young Adult (YA) literature, including quantitative analysis of the relationship between book content, book marketing, and book sales in the traditional and online marketplace.


Accepted for Publication:

  • “The Good, The Bad, and the Toxic: Muggle-Borns as a Lens for the First Gen Experience with Mentorship.” Co-author, Dr. Jamie Goodall. The Pedagogy of Harry Potter 

Currently in Print:

  • “Marketing and Sales in the US Young Adult Fiction Market.” The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Volume 14: Issue 3 (2017).


  • “New Modes of Creative Writing Research.” Research Methods in Creative Writing. Jeri Kroll, Graeme Harper, eds. Palgrave-MacMillan: New York, 2013. pp 78-101. 


  • “Who Peeks Through the Veil.” Irreantum: A Review of Mormon Literature and Film. Volume: 13 Issue: 2 (2011) 119-133.
  • “On Small Classes.” Segullah Literary Journal. Volume: 6 Issue: 5th Anniversary Issue (2010) 38-39. 
  • “How to Write a Seriously Awful Personal Narrative (In 14 Easy Steps!!!)” Why Write? The Honors 150 Handbook 3rd Edition. Lisa Johnson, Kylie Turley, Kristin Chandler, editors. BYU Academic Publishing: Provo, 2009.
  • “Memory of Gordon B. Hinckley.” Sunstone: Mormon Experience, Scholarship, Issues. Issue 149. (April, 2008) 16-17. Wothorspoon, Dan, editor.
  • “On the Challenges/Joys of Small Classes; OR How I became a Sex Therapist for an 18-year-old BYU student.” History of Honors 200. (Extended Issue). Edited by Colleen Whitley. Brigham Young University General Education and Honors. (2008).
  • “When Life Begins” Readings for Intensive Writers, 5th Edition. Susan Jorgensen, editor. BYU Academic Publishing: Provo, 2007. (This was a re-print of a previously published essay)
  • “From Doctrine to Narrative and Back in Pilgrim’s Progress.” 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era. Volume: 13. (2006)  (Coauthored article was published under pseudonym Calvin M Petersen.) 
  • “When Life Begins.” Segullah Literary Journal. Volume: 2 Issue: 1. (2006) 18-19.        
  • The Nun’s Priest Tale: Digital Edition. (Containing Transcription, Stemmatic Commentary, Variant Maps, and Line and Word Collation of All Extant Manuscripts). Paul Thomas, Senior Editor, also containing the work of several research assistants and transcriptionists (including my own). Canterbury-Tales-Project/Scholarly Digital Editions: Birmingham, England, 2004. CD ROM and Digital Download.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress and Certain Problems in Christian Doctrine.” Conference Proceedings: Published Presentation. International John Bunyan Society: Bedford, UK, 2004. 
  • “Eat Up! The Dish on College Meals.” College Bound Network.
    Section: Teen Life. Article: 19826. Web. Last Access: Feb. 2013.  
  • “Eat Up! The Dish on College Meals.” College Bound. Ramholtz Publishing: New York, 2002. 


Writing in the Sciences:

SCI 215

Senior Capstone:

BIO 455/465/465H

ENV 455/465/465H

BT 465/465H

Math 455/465/465H

FSCI 400

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