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James Borrelli: Fine School of the Sciences Faculty

James Borrelli , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering | Fine School of the Sciences
James Borrelli
Office Hours
Office Location
MAC N119  Campus Map


BS in Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland

MS in Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland

PhD in Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland


Biomechanics, Falls, Falls Injury, Stroke Rehabilitation


Borrelli J, Haslach HW. Experimental characterization of axillary/underarm interface pressure in swing-through crutch walking. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. 2013; 50:423-436.

Borrelli J, Creath RA, Rogers, MW. Protective arm reactions are modulated with fall height. Journal of Biomechanics. 2020, 99: 1-10.

Borrelli J, Komisar V, Novak A, Maki BE, King E. The effect of handrail loads in calculation of the center of pressure location during anteroposterior perturbation. Journal of Biomechanics. 2020: 1-13.

Hsiao HY, Gray V, Borrelli J, Rogers MW. Biomechanical control of paretic lower limb during imposed weight transfer in individuals post stroke. Journal of NeuroEngineering. 2020: 17: 1-11.

Borrelli J, Creath R, Pizac D, Gray V, Rogers MW. Untangling biomechanical differences in perturbation-induced stepping strategies for lateral balance stability in older adults. Journal of Biomechanics. 2021: 114: 1-14.





Biomechanics, BME380

Intro to Math Reasoning, MATH135

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