Charisse F. Wernecke Ph.D., CPA (inactive)

Associate Professor
Accounting | Brown School of Business and Leadership


  • BA, Loyola University Maryland, Accounting, charter member Lambda Alpha Chi
  • MAS, Johns Hopkins University, School of Professional Studies in Business and Education
  • PhD, Morgan State University, School of Graduate Studies, Educational Leadership and Policy in Higher Education

Professional Experience

Faculty, Stevenson University 2011 to present

President, Institute of Notre Dame:

Transformation to achieve sustainability:

  • Spearheaded an inclusive strategic planning process that articulated the vision, goals, and implementation steps to promote future prosperity
  • Increased revenues through higher enrollment, fund raising, improved endowment fund investing
  • Balanced the School’s operating budget for the first time in years
  • Enriched the 160-year old building’s appearance to showcase its history and character

Academic enhancements:

  • Initiated a one-to-one student Tablet-PC program to enhance instruction and engage students
  • Launched a Bio-Medical Sciences program as part of the national STEM initiative
  • Developed partnerships with local institutions by establishing an exchange program for college credits with a university and two full nursing scholarships with a local hospital
  • Increased funding for and scheduling of faculty development

Revenue generation through increased enrollment and fundraising:

  • Increased financial aid and technology through grants and gifts
  • Cultivated new donors by establishing Grandparents Day, the Scholarship Luncheon, the Corporate Open House, and by hosting receptions at the President’s Home
  • Re-engaged alumnae through e-newsletters, school magazines, and support of their programs
  • Improved visibility through personal visits, branding, and creative marketing

Chief Financial Office, Boys’ Latin School:


  • Served as the right-hand to four headmasters and on Board of Trustee committees for finance, human resources, budgeting, risk management, financial aid, technology, endowment, and strategic planning
  • Led the production of three strategic plans: solicited input from constituents, analyzed data, authored workshop executive overview books, and created detailed implementation plans
  • Designed and implemented a school-wide technology plan for academic enrichment and administrative efficiency
  • Advocated for the creation of the academic dean position, subsequently approved, which allowed for comprehensive management of curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Authored vital sections of the school’s ten-year accreditation for the Association of Independent Maryland Schools [AIMS] Self Study, Action Plans, and School-wide Goals

Financial management and human resources:

  • Eliminated operating losses of the school and associated line of credit debt by implementing effective measures for fiscal responsibility and financial budgeting
  • Grew the endowment by funding depreciation, selecting an investment advisor, and establishing investment and spending policies
  • Negotiated with MHHEFA for low-interest state bonds to fund construction and re-finance debt
  • Increased faculty compensation after benchmarking salaries at peer schools; improved all benefits
  • Authored a comprehensive employee policy manual

Chief Financial Office, Lion Brothers Company


  • Key member of the management team of this mid-sized manufacturing company responsible for finance, personnel, information systems, customer service, and pricing; served as chief liaison for the joint venture China facility (Lion Redcliffe)
  • Played an integral role in the strategic planning process to position the company as a high quality, low cost produce
  • Spearheaded the contract renewal with the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU), provided rationale for increases in compensation
  • Co-authored, developed, and implemented a business plan for manufacturing that supported an effective inmate rehabilitation plan

Effective development of sales and marketing strategies

  • Analyzed profitability by market segment to identify niches on which to focus
  • Created and utilized a pricing model to maximize profits based upon direct costs, order volume, offshore possibilities and customer history
  • Developed a sales incentive program based upon growth and profitability

Finance, accounting, budgeting, treasury, forecasting, cash management, bank borrowing, physical inventory, annual audit, and monthly financial statements

  • Developed and implemented monthly financial statements including ratio analysis, inventory turnover, cost of goods sold details with an executive narrative summary
  • Created and implemented an annual budget by cost center for Board approval
  • Negotiated a bank-financing package structured with an operating line of credit and a term loan facility as well as lease negotiations for equipment acquisitions
  • Formulated a cash management program designed to minimize operating debt costs by focusing upon collection procedures and reduced inventory levels

Audit Manager, Ernst & Young


  • Sustainable Strategies for Small, Private Institutions of Higher Education: A Review of the Literature.
  • Improving Academic Performance of Accounting Students: An Action Research Project.
  • Strategic Planning in Education: An Educational Policy Project.
  • Balancing the Budget: How 3 Organizations Manage the Process: A Collaborative Fiscal Policy Project, 2012.


  • How One Small, Private, Non-profit University Prospered During and After the Great Recession: An Ethnographic Case Study (dissertation)
  • East Coast Colleges Social Science Association Conference (ECCSSA). Title, Utilizing Educational Alchemy to Guide the Student from the Classroom to the Boardroom, co-presenter
  • Mid-Atlantic World History Association Conference (MAWHA). Title, Polishing the Facets: Aspects of Micro-History that Provide Insights into Societal Change, a group presentation


  • ACC 140 Financial Accounting
  • ACC 141 Managerial Accounting
  • ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting III
  • ACC 400 Auditing and Attestation
  • ACC 430 Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • ACC 490 Senior Seminar


  • Moderator of the Accounting Association, which hosts the Annual Accounting Career Fair, the main recruiting event for all accounting majors.
  • Member of the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) of the Faculty Counsel.
  • Served on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Writing Intensive Committee.
  • Designed and implemented Auditing and Attestation as a Writing Intensive course, meeting the University’s requirements for writing and research.
  • Enhanced students’ abilities to use Excel spreadsheets by adding financial statement analysis projects using Excel in multiple accounting courses.
  • Participated in many BSOBL Poster and Student Showcase sessions with my students.
  • Developed and launched the new course, Financial Modeling and Analysis; topics include the framework for operating budgets, capital investments, debt and equity financing, and cash flow forecasting.
  • Launched the new course, required for accreditation, Senior Seminar; topics include operating projections, financial income versus cash flows, ethics, and capital budgeting decisions.
  • Established Stevenson University as a field test site for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) auditing section of the CPA exam.

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