Students in this semester’s MKT 320 Advanced Digital Marketing course are experiencing what it is like to work on a real world Digital Marketing Team. The 16 student class is divided into teams of 4 students each working on a different blog. Each team has a Team Leader, SEO & Analytics Manager, Website & Design Manager, and a Social Media and Email Marketing Manager.

Each role has a specific set of duties, tasks, and deliverables. Every two weeks the Teams present their progress and then the roles rotate so that each team member gets to experience each role.

Towards the end of the semester, each Team will apply for a Google Adsense account which would allow them to monetize their blog. Adsense qualifications include quality content, relevant information, niche content, and a regular content update schedule.

The Teams are:

NBA 2K24: My Player Mode

  • Corey Jones-Pentz
  • Anthony Russo
  • Ryan Thenell
  • Taylor Towns

The Book or the Movie?

  • Sofia Smith
  • Blake Woodward
  • Natalia Santiago-Colon
  • Michael Crespo

Bean Buzz: Maryland’s Top Coffee Shop Ratings

  • Emily Lizama
  • Anjoli O’Brien
  • Kait Bushnell
  • Morgan Thompson

Trails & Tribulations: Mid-Atlantic Hiking

  • Jessica Oberer
  • Raven Haller
  • Jenny Fletcher
  • LJ McGurk

Please check out their blogs and leave a comment or two of encouragement!