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The War of the Worlds Brings Theatre Back to the Stage

April 29, 2021 2:30 PM
War of the Worlds Banner

Despite the disruptions of COVID, Stevenson’s Theatre and Media Performance found a way to bring drama back to the stage safely. While the Fall 2020 semester allowed for a filmed theatre production with students submitting their pieces from home, “For the spring, I felt it was imperative that we provide students an opportunity to perform live on the stage,” said Ryan Clark, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Theatre and Media Performance. Enter the classic radio drama: The War of the Worlds. 

The Spring 2021 production of The War of the Worlds allowed student actors a way to return to the stage of the Inscape Theatre even while COVID restrictions still prohibited an audience. As a radio play, The War of the Worlds made logistical sense since students could be separated into plexiglass “booths” to deliver their lines.  

The Theatre department called upon the expertise of Stevenson’s Film and Moving Image Program to assist with filming the production since a live audience wasn’t possible, giving four film students hands-on experience in setting up multiple cameras to film the production so that it could be streamed on demand.  

Ten actors participated in the play, ranging from Theatre to Nursing majors. Seven of the ten actors filmed in person, and three filmed remotely. 

“This was an incredible collaboration,” said Clark. “The Film and Moving Image students got the experience of filming a live performance like a sit-com would be filmed. The Theatre and Media Performance students got to perform a play on the stage. Our two departments really experienced the magic that true collaboration can offer!”    

Viewers at home can watch the production through Broadway On Demand. It will begin showing at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, April 30, and run through 11:50 p.m. on Sunday, May 2. 

The War of the Worlds Actors and Crew 

  • Alison Burke, Junior, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Thomas Digby, Freshman, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Liv Dinter, Senior, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • David Eyring, Senior, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Ethan Hislop, Freshman, Film and Moving Image 
  • Maddie Howard, Junior, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Maddie Lebron, Freshman, Nursing 
  • Elyse Nutter, Senior, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Ethan Rapp, Freshman, Film and Moving Image 
  • Alain Seri, Senior, Business 
  • Miram Walton, Freshman, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Mackenzie Brady, Junior, Theatre and Media Performance 
  • Keyshawn Makel, Junior, Film and Moving Image 

Film and Moving Image Crew 

  • Andrew Rouff, Film and Moving Image Junior
  • Bryan Auman, Film and Moving Image Senior
  • Samantha Giordano, Film and Moving Image Sophomore
  • Zachary Garrigus, Film and Moving Image Sophomore
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