Stevenson’s Legal Studies Bachelor’s Program Receives Maximum Approval from the American Bar Association

April 26, 2023 1 PM

Stevenson University is pleased to announce its Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program has been reapproved by the American Bar Association (ABA) for the maximum term of seven years. Both the traditional undergraduate and online program are ABA approved paralegal education programs.

“Stevenson University’s Legal Studies program is a national leader in paralegal education and a popular pre-law option for students interested in attending law school and becoming attorneys,” said Hillary Michaud Esq., CPA, Professor and Chair of Law and Justice Studies.

The Legal Studies program is focused on preparing students for career success, whether they are traditional undergraduate students interested in pursuing a paralegal career or law school, or working adult learners who wish to advance or change their career. The faculty consists of experienced lawyers and judges—all professionals who have practiced in the field and share their extensive knowledge as mentors to Stevenson students.

The program’s curriculum emphasizes the skills students need to succeed in both paralegal careers and in law school. It includes a variety of law courses and a nationally-ranked American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) team, so students can shape their education to match their career goals. This is supported by Stevenson’s own state-of-the-art Mock Trial Courtroom where students can experience the practice of law in the setting of actual court proceedings. Among Legal Studies graduates, approximately 93% are currently employed or pursuing graduate or professional degrees.

“I thank the ABA for reapproving our Legal Studies program for the maximum allowed term,” said Elliot Hirshman, President. “At Stevenson, we are dedicated to student achievement and career success. This reapproval is not only a testament to the quality of a Stevenson education, but also to the positive outcomes we create for our students.”

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