Baltimore Sun: Stevenson Senior Shares Ways to Maximize College Experience, Improve Odds of Career Placement

October 20, 2014 7 AM

On Monday, October 20, The Baltimore Sun published an op-ed penned by Stevenson student Daniel Waters ’16. The senior Business Administration major explained how college students can get the most out of their experience by reflecting on his time at Stevenson.

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Waters emphasized the value in taking advantage of a University’s . By doing so himself at Stevenson, Waters writes, he feels assured that he’ll be ready for what the job market has to offer and confident that he did the most he could to maximize his time in college.

“Writing this this article has led me to reflect on my four years here and helped me realize that I’m now prepared for any career that I’m going into,” Waters said. “I hope the present and future college students who read this realize that there’s more to college than just the classes. There are so many opportunities that allow you to prosper. Everyone’s there to help you succeed and if you can take advantage of that, good things are going to happen.”

As Waters describes in his piece, enrolling in college is more than just an opportunity to secure an academic degree. It’s what you, the student, makes of it.

I’ve read the tweets, the blogs, and the experts. Yes, yes, I understand that a college degree doesn’t guarantee a post-college career. But don’t tell this to my peers. Far too often I hear them talk about how they enrolled in college because they need a degree to get a job. While this is partially correct, they ignored the most important caveat: simply passing classes and graduating with a degree will not guarantee a job. But, using the time and opportunities that college provides can help you create a path to the job or career you want. Neglect that fine distinction and you graduate at your own risk.

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