Stevenson Scholars’ Showcase Highlights Student and Faculty Research, Expertise Jan. 31

January 30, 2014 7 AM

Students from Stevenson University‘s Alpha Chi Honor Society, as well as University faculty, will have the opportunity to display their expertise on a wide range of topics at Stevenson University’s Scholars’ Showcase, Friday, January 31, at the St. Paul Companies Pavilion, located on Stevenson’s Greenspring Campus, 1525 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson, MD 21153.

The showcase, which touts the theme “Imagination, Inspiration, Interrogation, Illumination,” includes presentations and a poster session and will be open from 12 to 4:45 p.m. The event’s featured speaker is Paul Lack, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The following students will either be presenting a poster or worked on a project for which a faculty collaborator is presenting a poster:

  • Shannon Famini (Nursing), Effect of Simulations Activities on Competency, presented by Beverly Bye, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Natasha Young (Biology), Effects of the Anti-cell Growth Drug Methotrexate o Development, DNA Methylation in the Fruit Fly Drosophilia Melanogaster, presented by Sydella Blatch, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Kirstyn Clark (Criminal Justice), Resources for Individuals with Mental Illness
  • Samantha Atwell, Brooke Carey, Brittney DeFalco, Elizabeth Diehl, Katie Feen, Blake Hileman, Sean Kelley, Courtney Lichtenberg, and Joshua Stargel (all Education), Educating Children in Poverty: An Analysis of Three Schools; presented by Beth Kobett, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Sean Reynolds (Biology), Illuminating the Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds
  • Tierney Sugrue (Chemistry), Off-target Effects Through Double Strand RNA Interference in C. Elegans
  • Dan Waters and Jessica Downs (both Business Administration), A Look Inside the Wendy’s Company
  • Rebecca Wong (Chemistry); Improving the Metal-Binding Efficiency of Heterocyclic Compounds Targeting Metal Ion-Dependent Enzyme of Hepatitis C. Virus, supervised by Dawn Ward, Assistant Professr of Chemistry, student collaborators were Steven Sands, Brandon Smith, and alumnus Mark Lammey

For more information on the showcase, contact Heather Harris, Associate Professor of Business Communication at or Deric Greene, Associate Professor of Business Communication at