Stevenson Parents Donate $208k for Scholarships

March 9, 2020 7 AM

Stevenson University is excited to announce that the parents of a Stevenson Class of 2022 student—inspired by the recent generous gifts from Trustees, faculty, and friends of Stevenson—have donated a gift of $208,000 to the university. The donors designated the gift to fund gap scholarships that can assist scholarship-receiving students when they face a short-term interruption in their ability to pay due to circumstances beyond their control.

In explaining their motivation for giving to Stevenson, our parents stated, “Stevenson is a special place with a special mission. In potentially uncertain times, it is more important than ever that our long-term investments in a Stevenson education and in our students not be lost to short-term disruptions that can occur in their lives. Stevenson students are our future, and by supporting them today we are ensuring that they will be ready to make important contributions to our society in the years to come.”

“This extraordinary gift demonstrates the powerful impact that our community’s leaders—in this case, Stevenson parents—can have in supporting our students,” said Elliot Hirshman, President. “We are deeply grateful for this generous donation.”