Stevenson Alumnus Named Homecoming Hero Finalist for Positively Impacting Baltimore City

August 2, 2018 7 AM

Baltimore Homecoming announced that Stevenson University alumnus, Alphonso Mayo ’14, is one of 11 finalists for its Homecoming Hero Awards program.

Alphonso created Mentoring Mentors as a way to “fill a serious gap in the black community – mentors that look like and have had similar experiences as those their mentees.” Mentoring Mentors has been giving Baltimore’s youth the values and skills needed to overcome academic, social, and emotional obstacles, and by encouraging those youth to continue to mentor, creates a cycle of supportive, strong relationships.

The finalists, nominated by the public and selected by the Homecoming Host Committee, will attend the inaugural Homecoming event Oct. 3-5 where Baltimore alumni will hear their stories and celebrate each finalist’s contribution to the city.

Five finalists, voted on by the public, will receive a $3,000 cash prize. Public voting is open now through August 18, 2018. Please vote for Alphonso here.