Partnership Gives Stevenson Cybersecurity Students Two Valued Department of Defense (DOD) Certifications

November 6, 2023 3 PM

Stevenson University recently renewed its articulation agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). With the renewal, Stevenson remains one of only 16 universities nationwide to be designated a National Centers of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE). This important partnership helps Stevenson and DC3 to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals.

The agreement grants Stevenson students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics two certificates of completion—the CDFAE Digital Forensic Examiner and Digital Media Collector. Highly valued by the DOD and other federal agencies, graduates with these certificates can receive associated DOD certification if they are employed by a federal employer or federal contractor. The agreement applies to students who earn their Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics degree through Stevenson’s traditional learning and online bachelors programs.

The agreement also benefits students studying at the DOD DC3 Cyber Training Academy (CTA). Under the agreement, students completing courses at the CTA can transfer up to 15 credits towards a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics from Stevenson.

The CDFAE is a partnership between academia, standards bodies, and the US Government to establish best practices for digital forensics education. Education providers are held to digital forensics education standards based upon knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) used in the field. This approach advances the discipline of digital forensics and increases the number of qualified professionals to meet the needs of law enforcement, counterintelligence, national defense, and legal communities.