New Professional Minors in Web Design and Event Planning: Tailor Your Education to Your Career Goals

March 31, 2023 10 AM

Stevenson University is now offering two new Professional Minors—Event Planning and Web Design—as well as an updated Professional Minor in Software Design and Coding. With the addition of these new programs, Stevenson now offers a total of seven Professional Minors that students can use to further tailor their educations to their career goals:

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
  • Event Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Management and Organizational Leadership
  • Real Estate
  • Software Design and Coding
  • Web Design

    Professional Minors enable students to learn new skills and capabilities, unlock additional career options, gain a competitive edge in the job market, and further shape their degrees to meet their specific career goals.

    “We’re very excited to announce the addition of both Event Planning and Web Design to our slate of offerings,” said Amanda Hostalka, Vice Provost for Outreach and Dean of the School of Design. “Students have been mixing and matching majors, minors, and Professional Minors for a while—some even choose to earn multiple Professional Minors. These new options not only offer more choice, but also unlock greater possibilities.”

    Professional Minors are flexible and can be paired with many different majors. The concentrated, career-focused coursework adds additional value to a degree, and the opportunity to connect with professionals in the field and gain real-world experience helps set students up for success.

    Short summaries of the new minors and the updated minor in Software Design and Coding are below.

    Event Planning

    Learn how to generate an audience and influence others, while planning events for real clients and organizations. Gain the skills and knowledge to become part of a growing industry of meeting, convention, and event planners.

    Web Design

    Discover how to plan and execute website design, layout, and user experience online and across other digital platforms. Develop expertise and gain experience in web design, front-end web development, digital imaging tools, interactive code, current web development frameworks, and content management systems. (Note: Due to significant overlap with required program courses, Graphic Design majors and Marketing majors in the Digital Marketing Track cannot pursue this professional minor.)

    Software Design and Coding

    Pair valuable soft skills with a foundation in information systems to gain a competitive advantage in the tech world, and open doors to emerging careers in gaming, virtual reality, digital publishing, and creative entrepreneurship. (Note: Due to significant overlap with required program courses, Computer Information Systems majors cannot pursue this professional minor.)

    To learn more about these and other Professional Minors, visit and speak to your Student Success Coach or Academic Advisor about how you can add a Professional Minor to your course of study.

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