Class of 2018 is On The Move

August 22, 2014 7 AM

Cars, packed to the brim with boxes, bags, and the essentials needed to get through the first semester away at college, began lining up on the Owings Mills Campus of Stevenson University early on the morning of Thursday, Sep. 21.

The Stevenson Smile Crew donned their bright yellow shirts and led the way, helping direct students and parents onto campus and into their residence halls. Classes begin Monday, but for these new students, college started a few days early.

“With the help of more than 200 faculty, staff, and students, Move-In Day for new students was a great success,” said Claire Moore, Vice President for Student Affairs. “Each family arriving at their residence hall was greeted by a swarm of helpers who lifted, carried, and wheeled belongings to the residents’ suites. The students that live on campus are a big part of what makes Stevenson a vibrant place to be. We’re excited to see how these new students will enhance our community the next few years. “

The 730 freshmen students, most of which will live on campus this year, were joined by more than 200 transfer students in the afternoon for the annual Convocation ceremony where President Kevin J. Manning and the rest of the University formally welcomed newest members of the Stevenson family.