Berlin: From Space to Place

November 2, 2017 7 AM

Twenty-one students spent eight days documenting, researching, and capturing physical and expressive relationships they observed during a study abroad trip to Berlin in spring 2017.

“When you’re just reading about something and seeing pictures of it, it’s interesting, but it’s not nearly as captivating as when you’re actually there,” says Julia Clites, Visual Communication Design ’18, and one of the students on the trip.

Another student on the Berlin trip had never traveled internationally. “Stevenson has prepared me to be more self-confident and outgoing,” says Stephen Schlegel, Visual Communication Design ’19. “Even though it was a completely foreign and alien place to me, I felt confident in my abilities as a photographer.”

The photographic images they came home with were featured in an art exhibition on campus titled Berlin: From Space to Place. The students’ photographs explore Berlin’s built environment. The exhibit is thematically organized around relationships that exist between humans and built environments; between humans and natural environments; and between natural and built environments.