Be an Asset, Not an Anchor: Stevenson Career Expert Shares Tips for Graduates on WBAL Radio

June 22, 2015 7 AM

On June 8, Anne Scholl-Fiedler, Vice President for Career Services, appeared on “Maryland’s News Now with Bryan Nehman” on WBAL Radio. Scholl-Fiedler shared techniques that recent college graduates can use to demonstrate their added value to prospective employers well before the interview process begins.

It’s that added value—and the extra effort that goes along with it—that can separate one job hopeful from an entire field of candidates, she says. Here are her top three tips:

  1. Research the company. Understanding the employer is absolutely vital to showcasing your value, but it’s often one of the most overlooked steps. Do your homework and enter the interview with a detailed understanding of the company’s history and the challenges it faces. This enables you to take your strengths and relay how they will contribute to the company’s goals.
  2. Ensure online professionalism. This is deeper than just deleting questionable pictures and problematic posts from your social media accounts. Showcase your value through an online presence that includes blog postings, portfolios, LinkedIn, and even a website. You don’t have to include everything you have ever done, but make sure you are representing the professional brand that best exemplifies who you are at your best and what you want to do in your career.
  3. Prove you’re a problem solver. It’s one thing to say you’re a good problem solver or that you’re a team player. It’s another to articulate these strengths by providing examples from previous experiences that support your assertion. Take time to recall multiple instances from classroom, internships, or employment experiences in which your creativity and strengths enabled you to step up and resolve an issue.

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