Agreement Provides Seamless Transfer to Stevenson for Carroll Community College Science Students

December 20, 2018 7 AM

For Carroll Community College (Carroll) students pursuing science degrees, the transfer process for completing their bachelor’s just became more direct and seamless. An articulation agreement signed Monday, December 10, by Carroll and Stevenson University will provide seamless pathways for Carroll students to transfer and complete their degrees at Stevenson. Stevenson bachelor of Science programs covered by the agreement include Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Applied Math-Scientific Track.

“The agreement offers many advantages to Carroll students,” said Meredith Durmowicz, Dean of Stevenson’s Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences. “First, through block transfer, Carroll students will not have to take any additional general education courses at Stevenson. Second, the transfer plans between our institutions provide a clear explanation of how their Carroll classes transfer and a semester-by-semester course outline so they see exactly how they can complete their degree at Stevenson in two years.”

Carroll students can be confident that they are making the most advantageous course choices at Carroll that maximize their credit transfer to Stevenson, Durmowicz explained.

“This allows them to not only complete their degree at Stevenson in two years, but also provides them with flexibility so that they can personalize their degree with a minor, professional minor, or an additional internship while at Stevenson.”

The science articulation agreement is the latest in a number of agreements concluded this year between Carroll Community College and Stevenson designed to help transfer students. In October, the colleges established articulation agreements for seamless transfer to Stevenson’s bachelor’s programs in Nursing, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Criminal Justice, and English Language and Literature.

“We are so pleased to have expanded the breadth of our transfer agreements with Stevenson University,” stated Dr. Rosalie Mince, Vice President Academic & Student Affairs for Carroll Community College. “Stevenson has shown a strong commitment to ensuring our students have a clear pathway towards earning a Bachelor’s degree. Stevenson’s affirming approach and undeniable enthusiasm to support our students has created a strong partnership between the two colleges. We are excited for the opportunities created for Carroll students.”

To learn more about Stevenson’s transfer programs, visit The Stevenson Transfer Advantage web page. Stevenson University, known for its distinctive career focus and commitment to student success, serves more than 2,800 undergraduate students on its campus in Owings Mills, Maryland.

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