A Message from University President Kevin J. Manning

November 16, 2015 7 AM

Stevenson Community,

As we look ahead to Thanksgiving 2015, I want to thank our diverse Stevenson community—faculty, staff, students, and board members—for your support and to wish all of you a happy, safe and blessed holiday with your families.

During this time of gratitude, I would like to explore the ways in which Stevenson mirrors not only our greater society but also the University’s core values and foundation. We are an effective and welcoming community, and this creates an opportunity for all of us to learn more about one another. We believe that our multiculturalism is a reflection of great strength and great opportunity. Think about all that we do in academics, athletics, clubs, and more that are strengthened by our differences. Our student-centered clubs and sports teams, for example, demonstrate to the Baltimore community and beyond Stevenson’s pride and culture.

In light of recent incidents that have happened on college campuses across the United States involving racial tensions, I want to thank our community for being respectful of each other and inclusive of all ethnicities. As a resource to you, Alvin Roberts, Director of Multicultural Affairs, welcomes concerns and feedback.

Again, thank you for your love of Stevenson. The University strives to be welcoming and accepting of diversity, which helps to make us strong and powerful. This clearly reflects the University’s values. You all play an important role in creating an exciting and inclusive University. Happy holiday to you and yours.

President Kevin J. Mannning's Signature

Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D.
President of Stevenson University