As a nurse, your life is probably busy enough already. The thought of adding a graduate nursing program to your crowded schedule might seem like more trouble than it is worth. While going back to school is a big commitment, earning your master’s degree in nursing is crucial to moving forward in your career. Thankfully, the rise of online nursing master’s programs has made it easier than ever to further your education. If you are thinking about going back to school to earn your nursing master’s degree, here are some of the best reasons to initiate the effort:

1. Pay increase

Perhaps the most obvious reason to earn your master’s in nursing is the potential to boost your earning power. Many of the highest-paying nursing positions require a Master of Science in Nursing, therefore the financial benefits of pursuing an advanced degree are clear.

2. Teaching opportunities

Obtaining a master’s degree in nursing not only makes you more qualified as a nurse, but it also allows you to teach the next generation of nurses. Nurse educators are in high demand, plus you might decide to take the next step, earn a Ph.D., and enter the academic world.

3. Advanced knowledge

Pursuing an advanced degree also provides you the chance to delve deeper into any particular areas of study that interest you. That additional expertise will grant you the opportunity to better serve patients.

4. Becoming a leader

A stronger knowledge base not only better positions you to care for patients, but it also allows you the opportunity to become a leader and offer guidance to your fellow nurses. Earning a master’s degree in nursing has the potential to make you a knowledge leader in your organization.

5. Opening new doors

Earning your master’s degree in nursing will identify you as a more qualified candidate for higher-level positions within the nursing field, such as Chief Nursing Officer or Nurse Administrator. Without an advanced degree, your chances to develop your career beyond your current position are far more limited.

Take the next step toward a Nursing master’s degree today

Obtaining an advanced degree in nursing is no easy feat. Yet, if you are ready, the reasons stated above could provide you with the final motivation you needed to take the plunge. Stevenson University offers one of the Northeast’s best graduate nursing programs — contact us or visit our website today to find out how you can embark upon that next big step in your nursing career.