Online education is the wave of the future and one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of higher education. Over 6.3 million students in the United States took at least one online course in fall 2016. Thanks to advancements in technology, students now have the opportunity to receive hands-on learning at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes. This new medium of education provides a platform for students to freely interact with classmates while improving virtual communication abilities and increasing knowledge retention.

Online education has become an asset in today’s rapidly evolving digital workplace. Online learning develops professionals with strengthened critical thinking and teamwork capabilities. Employers are seeking individuals with developed skills such as communication, technological savvy, self-motivation, and time management. Continue reading to learn how earning your degree online can strengthen your skill set as you enter or advance in the workforce.


Despite all classroom interactions transpiring via the internet, online courses can actually bolster one’s communication skills. In this unique learning environment, students must pay special attention to their tone and phrasing. This benefits students in the workforce as they become more skilled in clearly communicating their thoughts while utilizing a professional tone. In addition, academic writing teaches students how to structure their thoughts and craft reports with language that is clear and concise.


By hosting learning online, instructors have the unique ability to present course content in a dynamic way. For students also juggling full-time employment, this can improve engagement by increasing accessibility. Classroom interactions take place via the internet using features like virtual meet-ups, discussion forums, emails, and video conferencing. Online students can translate their knowledge of these collaboration tools and internet savvy into advantages in their professional work. Online students gain hands-on familiarity with software and technology relevant to their industry which can translate into an immediate workplace benefit. Employers will highly value your experience with virtual teamwork and your ability to stay atop the latest technology trends.


Online courses require accountability. Students must learn how to stay motivated to realize their goals and progress further in their educational pursuits. Online courses connect students with a diverse and energetic network of supportive peers and faculty. Through lively discussion boards and group project collaboration, students have the chance to gain insight from each other. Self-motivation is required in all industries as it provides the tools necessary to achieve measurable goals. Online students must also maintain high levels of ethical responsibility.

Time Management

As students are in control of their own learning experience, managing time effectively is essential to successful course completion. Learning time management skills can also be associated with maintaining lower stress levels and more efficient project management practices. Online students become proficient in multitasking as they must routinely balance new coursework with additional life responsibilities. Over half of all companies today utilize remote workers and even more use virtual environments. By establishing time management techniques early in their careers, professionals can remain competitive in their field.

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