With more than 15 years of working in a number of different positions in the IT field, Chris Walker, alum ’20, was ready for new challenge – obtaining his Bachelor’s in Professional Studies at Stevenson University Online (SUO).

Chris attributes his decision to a passion for technology, drive to expand his knowledge, and the encouragement of his family. He says, “I found purpose and passion by pursuing Professional Studies, because it encompassed who I was as an individual, with limitless opportunities waiting for me in life.”

Returning to school seemed overwhelming, however the schedule offered by SUO allowed Chris to balance the challenges that come with school, full-time work, friends, and family. He acknowledged, “having the flexibility and creating healthy habits to complete assignments/projects” was essential in laying the groundwork for success in the workplace along with in his personal life.

He credits the program for helping him further develop basic principles such as time management and communication, stating, “Using what I know now has completely prepared me for many challenging and complex scenarios in my current role. I know how to be mindful of my time, thoughtful of others, and respectful of everyone’s input.”

It took only three days into his new position to utilize the knowledge he gained with SUO in his workplace. Using his knowledge of time sensitive relationship building, Christopher was able to execute a plan that garnered his clients’ trust enough that they decided to partner with his company.

His experience in IT and bachelor’s degree have helped him to be well rounded in his current role, which his describes as a “digital security doctor, providing class and sass in cybersecurity solutions, one byte at a time! Using my forensic stethoscope, I research and report new methods to mitigate cybersecurity threats that pose harm to users & data assets.”

Chris advises adult learners navigating online school to:

  • Not to get discouraged
  • Remain patient with technology
  • Figure out what drives you and how to get there.
  • Utilize your professors, advisors, and even colleagues to help reach your goal.

Chris says to anyone considering pursuing their degree, “You are worth it. Your time is extremely valuable. Use it to drive your passion to new heights! There is never a right time, just go for it! You will be thankful and proud when you look back on your achievements. Today and every day is an incredible opportunity to build the tomorrow you want!”

Alumni Spotlight