After spending five years moving up the ladder in the food industry, Brandon Needel felt that a change in his career was needed. In his mid-twenties, he went back to school to pursue a degree in business. He earned an associate of applied science in Business Management and a certificate in Small Business Management before completing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Stevenson University Online. While in school, Brandon taught business and marketing courses at the high school level at Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) and currently works as a Science Lab Technician. He also serves numerous other roles such as Co-Technology Liaison and Community Service Coordinator. For Brandon, the most fulfilling aspect of his job, “is when the seniors walk across the stage, and you have helped another graduating class make it through. You know that the year has almost come to an end and you are ready for new beginnings.”

From the Student Support Coaches to the Associate Deans, Brandon notes that he had a very positive experience at Stevenson University Online. He explains, “The Stevenson faculty and staff went above and beyond to help me reach my goal of finishing my bachelor’s degree.” After taking time off from college, he appreciated the 8-week format with small class sizes and easy access to instructors. He was able to strike a balance between traditional face-to-face classes and online courses that worked with his schedule. The Business Administration program was crucial to Brandon’s success and led to him excelling in his current role at BCPS.

Brandon names his father’s hard work and dedication over the past 41 years in business as his inspiration for pursuing the field. Starting with two summer jobs at the age of 14, Brandon has worked diligently to achieve success. He became enthralled with the back of the house operations during his time in the restaurant industry. In addition, his interests in banking and accounting have enabled him to now consult on small business matters. Brandon compares working in a school to running a small business. The Business Administration program at Stevenson has enabled Brandon to use his strengths to perform a multitude of tasks daily. He also credits his first department chair at BCPS for having a profound impact on his education and professional work.

Brandon notes the most challenging aspect of his job is keeping organized while multitasking. Despite the huge time commitment, he understands the vital role he plays in his school community. His advice to anyone starting out in the business field is to always do your homework and to be positive. He explains, “It’s like buying a car and working on the best price with an exorbitant amount of options. Take a few minutes and really try to understand where you are going and what you are doing.”

Brandon’s hobbies include attending rock concerts and spending time outdoors in the sun. In addition, he enjoys exploring new technology and learning how to use the latest tech toys.

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