• Program Overview

    Explore Our Online Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

    There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of cyber-attacks and hacking incidents in the U.S. and the world in recent years. The demand for more specialists with the knowledge and expertise to combat these cyber-crimes is at an all-time high, especially with the increased use of computers on a global scale.

    Stevenson University Online’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics prepares cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals to respond to the growing demand and confront these attacks. Our bachelor’s program provides students with the ability to develop security policies for organizations and the skills to mitigate the effects on a network infrastructure due to a cyber-attack. Graduates will be equipped to evaluate an end-to-end computer forensics investigation and prepare a digital forensics evidence report.

    Developed for working professionals, Stevenson's Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics undergraduate program is offered fully online. Students will have access to simulation software and the ability to apply classroom learning into a hands-on experience, providing a distinctive student learning experience.

    Industry Demand

    The need for cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals is well-documented. According to CyberSeek, the U.S. employed nearly 780,000 people in cybersecurity positions in 2017, with approximately 350,000 current cybersecurity openings. CyberSeek is a project supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the U.S. Department of Commerce. In Maryland, there is an especially critical need due to the proximity of the Federal Government, the military, and government contractors. Major agencies located in Maryland needing cyber-professionals include the U.S. Cyber Command, National Security Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

    Careers for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Graduates

    • Digital Forensics Analyst
    • Cybersecurity Specialist
    • Forensics Support
    • Digital Data Forensic Examiner
    • IT Security Specialist
    • Cyber Threat Analyst
    • Digital Forensics Engineer

    Some of the Courses You Could Take

    • CDF 271 Intrusion and Penetration Testing
    • CDF 391 Incident Response and Investigation
    • CDF 393 Forensic Evidence Collection Tools and Techniques
    • IS 140 Information Systems Architecture and Design
    • IS 235 Advanced Windows Server Architecture and Administration
    • IS 432 Network Security-Firewalls, IDS, and Counter Measures
  • Admissions / Tuition

    Admissions / Tuition

    Tuition Rate Partnership Standard
    Per Credit $360.00 $450.00
    Per Course (3-Credits) $1,080.00 $1,350.00
    • Stevenson University offers a partnership tuition rate through our relationships with local community colleges, hospitals, and organizations. A full list of our partners can be found here.
    • Stevenson University Online has simplified the cost of your education by eliminating all fees. 
    • We offer financial aid packages to those who qualify.
    • Students are eligible to transfer up to 70-credit hours from a community college or up to 90-credit hours from a 4-year institution if applicable.

    Credit for Prior Learning

    Through Stevenson University’s Credit for Prior Learning Program, undergraduate students are eligible to earn up to 30 credits for what they have learned through their previous work and life experiences. Stevenson University Online offers several options for assessing and awarding college credit for prior learning. For more information, visit our Credit for Prior Learning page.