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Online Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems

Develop Technical Problem Solving Skills

Expand your technical knowledge in software design, network design, or computer forensics. 

Online Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems
  • Program Overview

    Stevenson University’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems is designed for working adults who want to pursue a technical career focused in computer forensics, network design, or software design. With computer technology rapidly evolving to include new disciplines such as big data analytics, cloud computing management, and information security control, a bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems can put you on the path toward a more engaging and lucrative career.

    The Computer Information Systems Program

    At Stevenson, we believe in the value of career-focused academic challenge combined with personalized student learning environments to maximize potential and performance. This is a key component of our Computer Information Systems degree, created for IT professionals to help broaden their overall knowledge and empower them to advance their IT career.

    Our Computer Information Systems degree program is designed to meet the emerging requirements of technology-driven corporations by providing the foundational knowledge of information, systems, and data management required to compete in today’s tech market. Organizations are shifting away from the search for IT generalists, and instead are seeking highly-skilled professionals who know how to utilize technology to improve their competitive edge and deliver line-of-business results. In the Computer Information Systems program, Stevenson students acquire the skills to assess business problems using analytical and critical thinking, identify the best technology solutions for organizations, and implement strategies that deliver long-term results.

    Advancing your Career

    The IT field is quickly becoming specialized as organizations recruit information security specialists, database analysts, and cloud computing experts. Acquiring a Computer Information Systems degree online from a respected institution provides the necessary foundation for more advanced courses such as application development, business intelligence (BI), cyber security, and network management. Our Computer Information Systems program consists of core courses in applied programming, network and database design, and allows students to select from three tracks of study based on their personal interests and career aspirations: Computer Forensics, Network Design, or Software Design.

    Potential Career Track

    What does receiving a Computer Information Systems degree online do for your career? Due to the speed of technological advancement and the evolution of malicious code, a widening “skills gap” in the IT industry has been created. Organizations are looking for highly-skilled personnel to take on a variety of roles but often have difficulty finding employees with the ideal training and experience.

    With a completed Computer Information Systems degree, you have options. Consider a career in:

    • Network systems analysis
    • Big data analytics
    • Information governance
    • Database administration
    • Software development
    • Security consulting
    • Cyber forensics

    Getting Started

    Stevenson offers a full-time online program open to students with at least two years professional work experience, at least 15 transferrable credits and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in past academic work. Get started today — complete the online application, provide previous college transcripts and tell us about your previous academic history and future goals.

    Why Stevenson?

    Our goal is to help you design, build, and implement your ideal career path by identifying your strengths, cultivating your passions and empowering you to pursue education through both in-class and out-of-school learning. Committed faculty, cutting-edge online tools, and challenging curriculums help ensure that your Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems offers maximum return on investment.

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  • Courses


    The online bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems degree program requires a minimum of 120 credit hours.

    Major Requirements

    • GPS 200 Adult Learning Theory & Practice
    • IS 135 Advanced MS Office Applications
    • IS 140 Information Systems Architecture and Design
    • IS 150 Relational Database Design and SQL with MS Access
    • IS 170 Systems Development with UML
    • IS 201 Management Information Systems
    • IS 231 Network Technologies
    • IS 240 Programming Concepts with Visual Basic.NET
    • IS 260 Presentation Theory & Application
    • MGT 210 Business Writing

    Business Electives

    Select two from the following:

    • ACC 140 Financial Accounting
    • MGT 204 Principles of Management
    • MKT 206 Principles of Marketing
    • One 300-400 level INBUS, MGT, or MKT Course

    Upper Division Courses

    Select four from the following:

    • IS 301 Principles of E-Commerce
    • IS 320 Human Computer Interaction
    • IS 350 IS Internship
    • IS 380 Information Security for the Organization
    • IS 475 Special Topics in Information Systems
    • IS 480 Technology Law
    • IS 481 Project & Knowledge Management

    Degree Requirements

    Track Requirements

    Computer Forensics 

    • IS 232 TCP and IP Communication Protocols for Windows and UNIX
    • IS 235 Windows Server Active Directory Architecture and Administration
    • IS 331 Cicso TCP/IP Routing
    • IS 391 Incident Response and Investigation Methods
    • IS 392 Information Systems Forensics internals - Auditing
    • IS 393 Forensic Evidence Collection Tools and Techniques
    • IS 432 Network Security - Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems*

    Network Design 

    • IS 232 TCP and IP Communication Protocols for Windows and UNIX
    • IS 235 Advanced Windows Server Architecture & Administration
    • IS 331 Cicso TCP and IP Routing
    • IS 332 High Speed Broadband Networks*
    • IS 335 Wireless LANs and Mobile Communication Systems
    • IS 431 Exchange Server & Messaging Systems*
    • IS 432 Network Security - Firewalls, IDS, and Counter Measures*

    Software Design 

    • IS 241 C# Object Oriented Programming
    • IS 252 Advanced SQL Query Design with Oracle and SQL Server
    • IS 343 Web Architecture and Design Technologies*
    • IS 345 JAVA Programming
    • IS 348 Visual Basic .NET Business Applications*
    • IS 349 Designing Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures with JAVA*
    • IS 444 Wireless Application Development*

    *On-campus Course

  • Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    • Completed online application.
    • Official college transcripts from all previous academic work.
    • At least 15 transferable credits.
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in past academic work.
    • At least two years of professional work experience.
    • Personal statement.
  • Faculty



    Steven Engorn (1989)
    Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Information Technology, and
    Director of Graduate and Professional Studies Technology
    A.A., Catonsville Community College
    B.S., American University
    M.B.A., Loyola College of Maryland


    Marie K. Armentrout (2009)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., Salisbury State University
    M.S., Stevenson University

    Cary B. Barker (2006)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.A., Shippensburg University
    M.S., Capitol College

    Patrick M. Carroll, Jr. (2005)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., University of Maryland, University College
    M.S, George Washington University

    Tonia Cristino (2010)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., M.S., Stevenson University

    Nadine W. Edwards (2003)
    Adjunct Professor, Information Technology
    B.S., University of Maryland
    M.Ed., Salisbury University

    William E. Folson (2006)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., University of Maryland, University College

    Esther L. Gunter (2009)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., Towson University
    M.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Dean L. Horvath (2009)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., The State University of New York
    M.S., University of Maryland
    M.S., Towson University

    Paul Insley (2010)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., M.S., Stevenson University

    Terrence L. Lillard (2006)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S.E.E., Tuskegee University
    M.B.A., Strayer University

    John J. O'Neill (1976)
    Adjunct Professor, Information Technology
    B.S., M.B.A., Loyola College of Maryland
    M.S., Stevenson University

    David E. Patrick (2004)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S.E., Loyola College of Maryland
    M.S., Towson University

    Karl Schroeder (1999)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute

    Sarena R. Schwartz (2000)
    Adjunct Professor, Information Technology
    B.S., Villa Julie College

    Ronald L. Shaffer, Jr. (2007)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., Strayer University
    M.S., Capitol College

    Stephen E. Windsor (2006)
    Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology
    B.S., Towson University

    Jinsong Zhang (2008)
    Adjunct Professor, Information Technology
    B.A., M.A., Southwest Jiaotong Unviersity, China
    Ed.D., West Virginia University

  • Tuition


    Established in 1947, Stevenson University has a long history of providing students an affordable, private education. We offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, in addition to a reduced-tuition rate through partnerships with community colleges, healthcare organizations, and other organizations and corporations. For a full list of Stevenson's partners, please visit our Partnerships page.

    The following reflects the total cost of a bachelor's degree if transferring in 60-credit hours. Students are eligible to transfer up to 70-credit hours from a community college or up to 90-credit hours from a 4-year institution if applicable. 

    The School of Graduate and Professional Studies has simplified the cost of your education by eliminating all fees.

    Bachelor’s Program Cost Per
    Credit Hour
    Cost Per Course
    (3-Credit Hours)
    Total Cost of Bachelor’s
    (60-Credit Hours)
    Computer Information Systems $450.00 $1,350.00 $27,000.00*

    *Does not include books.

    Credit for Prior Learning

    Through Stevenson University’s Credit for Prior Learning Program, undergraduate students are eligible to earn up to 30 credits for what they have learned through their previous work and life experiences. The School of Graduate and Professional Studies offers several options for assessing and awarding college credit for prior learning. For more information, visit our Credit for Prior Learning page.

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