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  • students working with scientific instruments

    Choose Your Career Path

    Discover how your strengths and passions can point you in the right direction for a successful career.
    Design Your Career
  • Center for Student Success

    New Center for Student Success Opens

    The new Center for Student Success opened in Garrison Hall South and includes the Office of Student Success, The John L. Stasiak Academic Link, and the Experiential Learning Center.
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  • Attend an Undergraduate Open House

    Open House for High School Students

    Save the date! Our Undergraduate Open House for high school students will be held on March 4, 2017.
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  • Pedestrian walkway from Owings Mills to Owings Mills North

    From A Bird's-Eye View

    Construction is underway on SU's pedestrian walkway and bridge to connect Owings Mills and Owings Mills North.
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  • Leading the Nation in Career Education

    Leading the Nation in Career Education

    Stevenson's award-winning Career Architecture program prepares students for success after graduation.
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  • New Academic Center

    Our New Academic Center

    This 200,000-square-foot building at Owings Mills North offers state-of-the-art facilities for the School of the Sciences, School of Design, and new School of Health Professions.
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  • Pre-Professional Studies

    Make Your Career Goals a Reality

    We offer various pre-professional advising tracks that give you the support you need to successfully apply for graduate school.
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  • Spirit Bridge Torn Exhibition

    Upcoming Spirit Bridge Torn Exhibition

    Artist Gina Falcone Skelton introduces new works that will be on view at the Spirit Bridge Torn exhibition starting March 8.
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  • Dr. Matanoski’s Interview

    Dr. Matanoski Interviews with ABC 2 News

    Stevenson's Dr. Matanoski spoke with ABC 2 News about the impact plastic water bottles have on the environment and urges consumers to drink tap water.
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  • Center for Diversity and Inclusion

    New Center for Diversity and Inclusion Opens

    On February 7, the new Center for Diversity and Inclusion officially opened and serves as a space where conversations about diversity can occur.
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  • Accepted Students' Day 2017

    Celebrate your acceptance to Stevenson and experience the University in a new way by joining us on April 1 for Accepted Students' Day!
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  • A Closer Look at Stevenson's Education Majors

    Join us March 2 to learn about the exciting opportunities Stevenson has to offer its education majors.
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Description: Students from Stevenson University's Fashion Design program had the opportunity to show their designs at NOLCHA Studios for 2017 NYC Fashion Week.
Undergraduate Programs
  • Accounting program instruction


    With a blend of information technology and business, the Accounting program helps you understand contemporary work environments, issues, and challenges.

  • Applied Mathematics

    Applied Mathematics

    Students completing the Applied Mathematics program at Stevenson are highly employable in a wide variety of careers requiring strong mathematical and computer skills.

  • Students working in lab


    Geared for students interested in the health sciences, the Biochemistry program will prepare you for a professional career and provide you with the skills you need for success.

  • Biology

    As a Biology major at SU, you will receive a strong foundation in the breadth of disciplines that make up the biological sciences.

  • Student presenting to group

    Business Administration

    Stevenson's Business Administration program prepares you to manage your own company by giving you the knowledge, skills, and technological competence essential.

  • Students working in group

    Business Communication

    From writing and designing to public relations and marketing, this well-rounded program teaches it all.

  • student working on a computer

    Business Information Systems

    The Business Information Systems major consists of core courses in programming, network, and database design with a career focus in technology management or e-commerce.

  • students working in lab


    With state-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratory facilities, our program will help you develop excellent laboratory and analytical skills and will prepare you for a variety of careers and professions.

  • Computer Information Systems

    Computer Information Systems

    The CIS major consists of core courses in applied programming, networking, and database design followed by an in-depth career-focused track.

  • Students receiving instruction from officers

    Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice majors have the opportunity to take advantage of the program’s popular and educational Study Abroad Program.

  • Digital marketing presentation

    Digital Marketing

    Through both classroom instruction and internship opportunities, students in the Digital Marketing major connect with current, real-world digital marketing scenarios.

  • Student interacting with children

    Early Childhood Education

    Early childhood education majors are matched with professors who bring their own teaching experience to the table.

  • teacher with students

    Elementary Education

    Our elementary education program enables you to take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in a classroom of your own.

  • Professor instructing class

    English Language and Literature

    A recent STEM sector Employer Survey Report found that U.S. employers seek candidates with the skills taught in our English program.

  • Students in forest

    Environmental Science

    This program will engage you in a study of the principles, methodologies, and practices of the life, physical, and mathematical sciences as they relate to the environment.

  • Student studying design

    Fashion Design

    The Fashion Design program combines your individual aesthetic as a designer with an understanding of the market, historical context of fashion, and consumer psychology.

  • girl presenting fashion collection

    Fashion Merchandising

    The Fashion Merchandising program addresses the national and international aspects of the industry.

  • Student working with camera equipment

    Film and Moving Image

    Acquire a foundational understanding and career-oriented skill set to succeed in the 21st-century film industry.

  • Group of women talking

    Human Services

    Accreditation by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education shows that our program is worthy of professional confidence.

  • Class listening to professor

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    Through the Interdisciplinary Studies program, you can develop an individually designed major all based on your personal academic interests.

  • Court room hearing

    Legal Studies

    Stevenson's Legal Studies program attracts students who have logical and analytical minds, possess organizational skills, and pay attention to detail.

  • Medical Laboratory Science Students

    Medical Laboratory Science

    With a degree in Medical Laboratory Science, you will be qualified to work in all areas of the medical laboratory, including microbiology, chemistry, hematology, and many more.

  • Student teacher working with children

    Middle School Education

    We partner with a collection of area middle schools to solidify your teaching experience in the field.

  • Nursing students working


    Stevenson’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing prepares you for the critical role of the nurse in today’s healthcare system and is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

  • Student conducting psychology experiment


    Learn how you can use your understanding of human behavior to help others.

  • Students researching in group with instructor

    Public History

    SU offers one of the nation’s few four-year undergraduate public history majors.

  • students acting in a theatrical production

    Theatre and Media Performance

    Learn how you can pursue your dreams of acting on stage or in film.

  • Students working in group

    Visual Communication Design

    When you graduate from the Visual Communication Design program, you’ll already have a robust and well-honed portfolio.

Adult Undergraduate Programs
  • Business Administration classroom

    Bachelor's in Business Administration

    Students will be equipped with the ability to integrate core business functions, analyze and explain business problems, and propose solutions, both independently and in teams.

  • Business Communication

    Bachelor's in Business Communication

    The program provides students with the skills, critical-thinking abilities, and technological competencies essential for career success in numerous fields.

  • adult students working on a computer project

    Bachelor's in Business Information Systems

    Students will acquire the skills to assess these business problems using analytical and critical thinking in order to identify the best technology solutions.

  • computer information systems classroom

    Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems

    Students will acquire the skills to assess business problems using analytical and critical thinking in order to identify the best technology solutions for organizations.

  • Criminal Justice classroom

    Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

    Graduates are prepared to move into criminal justice careers or post-graduate work through studying the causes and consequences of criminal activity.

  • student pointing out answer in book

    Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies

    Designed for working professionals who want to maximize their prior educational experiences and earn a degree in varied academic disciplines tailored to their interests.

  • legal studies student in classroom

    Bachelor's in Legal Studies

    Designed for working adults who want to contribute as a vital member of a legal team through investigative research, trial preparation and litigation support.

  • Nursing student

    RN to BS in Nursing

    Designed for working RNs who want to earn a bachelor’s degree to advance their career potential in the healthcare industry.

  • professor discussing subject with student

    RN to MS in Nursing

    Designed for working RNs who want to earn a master’s degree to advance their career potential in the healthcare industry..

Graduate Programs
  • student alumni in business suit

    Master's in Business & Technology Management

    Acquire the skills to manipulate the architecture of current and emerging technologies in order to interpret and evaluate the impact these technologies have within an organization.

  • communications professor

    Master's in Communication Studies

    Build a foundation of effective communication competencies for personal and professional advancement.

  • Master's in Community-Based Education & Leadership

    Impact diverse populations of learners and gain the skills to become a change leader within the expanding non-formal and informal education settings.

  • Speaker lecturing group

    Master's in Cyber Forensics

    Learn to preserve, acquire, analyze, interpret, and document computer forensic findings for use in legal and computer security proceedings.

  • students examining skull

    Master's in Forensic Science

    Learn the instrumentation, technology, and pertinent law used to collect evidence for presentation in a court of law.

  • Students listening to lecture

    Master's in Forensic Studies

    Learn to conduct investigations and examine evidence for the purpose of presenting their findings in legal proceedings as forensic experts.

  • professor meeting with student

    Master's in Healthcare Management

    Designed for working adults who want to expand their careers and strengthen their credentials as healthcare managers, administrators, and consultants.

  • stevenson university nursing student

    Master's in Nursing

    Designed for working nurses, this program is flexible and offered online.

  • students working at table

    Master's in Teaching (MAT)

    Graduates will meet requirements for teaching science or mathematics at the middle and high school levels and be well-versed in the integrative and inquiry-based methodologies of STEM.