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Leadership Scholars

Leadership Scholars

Leadership Through Action, Not Position.

Leadership Scholars is a comprehensive program that offers participants the opportunity to engage in leadership education through personal exploration, community engagement, and collaborative problem solving. Scholars will develop skills that prepare them for leadership roles on campus and in the larger global community. The inaugural class of Leadership Scholars enrolled in fall 2017.

Application Requirements

In order to be considered for the Leadership Scholars Program and $2,000 annual Leadership Scholarship, students must do the following:

  • Demonstrate an exceptional commitment to ethical leadership as an incoming freshman
  • Have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or an 80 on a 100-point scale
  • Have a minimum score of 1090 on the new two-section SAT or 1500 on the old three-section SAT, or a 22 ACT composite score
  • Apply to Stevenson by January 15 and be admitted to the University. Stevenson’s application for admissions will be available on August 1
  • Complete the Leadership Scholars application (available August 1) by January 15

Students selected for the Stevenson University Leadership Scholars will also receive the $2,000 Founders’ Scholarship in addition to the $2,000 Leadership Scholarship for a total of $4,000 in scholarship funding on top of any previously awarded SU Merit-Based Scholarship. Students not selected for the Stevenson University Leadership Scholars may be awarded a Founders’ Scholarship of $2,000 on its own.

Students who meet all of the above application requirements will be notified whether or not they have been selected for Stevenson University Leadership Scholars program by Friday, March 3.

  • Benefits

    Benefits of the program include:

    • $2,000 annual Leadership Scholarship for four consecutive years of full-time study at the University. Recipients also receive the $2,000 annual Founders’ Scholarship, which is also renewable for four years, for a total additional annual award of $4,000 on top of any SU Merit-Based Scholarship.
    • Housing placement in Leadership Scholars living-learning community
    • A supportive community of peers and mentors, as well as personal consultations with administrative coordinator(s)
    • Opportunities to attend various leadership seminars and speakers in the Baltimore/ DC area.
    • Specialized programming through the Office of Career Services
    • Tangible leadership and service experience on- and off-campus
    • Opportunities to learn about the Owings Mills and Baltimore communities
    • Expansion of professional networks
  • Expectations

    In order to remain a Leadership Scholar once accepted to the program, students must:

    • Enroll as a full-time student
    • Maintain the minimum required GPA (2.5 at the end of year one, 2.6 at the end of year two, and 2.7 at the end of year three).
    • Attend an annual retreat and monthly meetings/reflection sessions
    • Enroll in a total of 3 leadership courses.
      • LD101: Foundations of Leadership
      • Two additional courses, at least one of which must be a SEE-certified course
    • Attend a pre-approved regional or national student leadership conference
  • Scholarships
    Leadership Scholars typically receive the Deans’ or Trustees’ merit scholarship. In addition, Leadership Scholars are awarded a Service Scholarship and the Founders’ Scholarship, which recognizes a student’s potential to be an active, engaged member of the Stevenson Community. All scholarships are renewable for four years. For more information, please see the Scholarship & Grants page.
  • FAQ

    Can I live on the Leadership floor if my roommates aren’t Leadership Scholars?

    In most cases, yes. The Leadership Scholars are part of a living-learning community that may include students who are not in the program. Housing requests are handled on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Residence Life.

    What are the academic requirements?

    • Enroll as a full-time student
    • Complete three Leadership Courses

    What are the out-of-class requirements?

    • Attend monthly meetings/reflection sessions and other program events
    • Attend a pre-approved regional or national student leadership conference

    What are the required courses?

    • LD101: Foundations of Leadership (1-credit, recommended for first semester)
    • 2 additional Courses, at least one of which must be a SEE-certified course
    • SEE-certified courses (look for sections marked with a “D” ex: ENG-151-ON8D). These courses will fill your general education requirements.
    • Courses within the major. Opportunities to fulfill this requirement within the major will be determined in consultation with students’ faculty advisors and the Academic Director for the Leadership Scholars program.

      A list of Leadership Courses for the coming semester will be distributed by the Leadership Scholars Program prior to registration each semester.

    What do I do if I can’t take a Leadership course during the coming semester?

    Students are not required to take Leadership Courses every semester. Advisors and Student Success Coaches can help you plan your schedule to meet the course requirement without delaying time to graduation.

    What is the service requirement and how can I meet it?

    • Leadership Scholars will meet the program’s service requirement by participating in a service project as part of LD101: Foundations of Leadership
    • Leadership Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of other opportunities to participate in campus and community service through the Office of Experiential Learning

    What other opportunities are available to me as a Leadership Scholar?

    Leadership Scholars have a wide variety of opportunities through which they can develop their leadership skills, make connections across campus and in the community, and participate in extraordinary experiences. Recent Leadership Scholars opportunities have included:

    • Attendance at the Baltimore Speaker Series and opportunities to meet speakers such as David Cameron and Jane Pauley
    • Priority Registration for courses
    • Specialized programming through the Office of Career Services
    • Professional development and shadowing opportunities with community leaders
    • Year-round social and academic programming designed to support the development of leadership skills and competencies

    Who should I contact if I have a questions about the program?

    General Questions, including student life and program requirements and opportunities:


Leadership Scholar

Maiya Lyons
"I’ve been introduced to a far more diverse environment. Not only have I been introduced to other cultures, but I learned about them as well. Stevenson strives to be a University that is inclusive and welcoming to all."
Maiya Lyons
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